Princeton Contracting is dependable and thorough when in comes to getting your businesses cleared of all snow and ice. We know how important it is to keep your lot safe and accessible for your customers. Whether your business needs the parking lot areas cleaned, or you've got sidewalks that need salting, we'll keep your business environment clean and matter the amount of snow.

Commercial snow removal:

  •     Featuring top priority to commercial contracts
  •     Snow removal of both parking lots and sidewalks
  •     We use Calcium Magnesium Acetate to protect shrubbery and sidewalks from erosion.
Our snow plowing / removal and salting services:
  •     Parking lots
  •     Shopping centers
  •     Condominium and Apartment Parking Areas
  •     Church Parking Lots
  •     Sidewalks
  •     Driveways
  •     Private drives
  •     Office Complexes
  •     State/Municipalities
Princeton Contracting, LLC
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Ewing, NJ. 08628
Phone: 609-671-0793
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